Types of Christian YA Fiction

Christian Fiction is most easily defined as an overall theme that includes many different genres.  Regardless of the genre, Christian Fiction always contains Christian themes, values, and morals. The following list and examples, while obviously not comprehensive, includes many of the more common genres used in Christian YA Fiction writing.

Action/Adventure (A genre of fiction in which action is the key element, overshadowing characters, theme, and setting)

edge of dark

Amish (Books in which the characters, story, and setting are influenced by the traditional Mennonite lifestyle and faith)


Apocalyptic (Fictional stories in which destruction and end of the world is coming)

left behind

Bible (Stories based on the actual stories from the Bible)


Contemporary Fiction (Stories set in the current day, in which the characters have current day issues)

find me

Fantasy/Science Fiction (Usually take place in settings that do not exist in reality. Science fiction “could” happen and is based on actual scientific knowledge. Fantasy is just that, a fantasy)

by darkness

Graphic Novels (Can be any type of genre, just told in comic-strip, visual format)

left behind graphic                                     manga                            pilgrim graphic

Historical Fiction (A fictional story set in a recognizable period of  history. As well as telling the stories of ordinary people’s lives, historical fiction may involve political or social events of the time)


Horror (Stories that scare, shock or startle)


Mystery/Thriller (Mystery books focus on solving the puzzle, while thrillers keep you on the edge of your seat – waiting for what will happen next)

bad connection

Romance (The primary focus of this story is on the relationship and romantic love between individuals, usually with a satisfying ending)

worth the wait

One cannot discuss the different genres that are used in the creation of Christian YA Fiction without a comment on genreblending.  By combining elements from different genres,  you can broaden your storytelling and keep fiction new and exciting. In this way,  you can draw in the readers expecting the comfort of their favorite genre, and expose them to new ideas, themes, and settings from another genre. Due to genreblending, Christain YA Fiction has something to offer almost every reader.


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